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New Currently casting the Independent Film: Two Hundred Thousand Dirty shooting in October 2009.

Lear Talent Guide is Your BEST resource to find work, to hire Talented People in the state of Nevada.  Our Hard Copy Guide is given to every Producer, Casting Director, or anyone else that goes to the Nevada Film Commission to get their permits to work in this state!  This means Everybody!!

Most of the "Lower Budget Productions" do not have the funds to pay Casting Directors' or Agents' Fees.  Many of them come to Nevada to film due to the lower cost of production as compared to somewhere like L.A.  We are the first (and Best) resource they have for talent! People that hire for films and other productions contact you directly. We DO NOT take any commissions out of Your pay.

On top of that, Marilee Lear, C.S.A  has been working in this industry for more than 20 years as a Casting Director and has put hundreds of our clients to work in many Major Motion Pictures, Commercials, Print Advertising, and More!  She is the "Go To" Person here for most Major and Minor Film Companies.  She is also the ONLY licensed Casting Society of America Director in Nevada.

If you take your craft seriously, and are looking for the best exposure you can find, this is it! You will be listed here (on the Site) within 48 hours of signing up. Everyone who meets our deadline will be printed in the Guide, and benefit from being seen by EVERY Production that comes to Nevada to shoot. You also do not have to be a member of a Union to use our site, or to work in this state!

We are incorporating "Reels" on your page as well as up to  5 color photos, a resume, and Your contact info! We ALWAYS look to those who have been listed in our Guide FIRST for work. As Projects come in, If you want to be first on the list, sign up. The Lear Talent Guide is currently producing it’s 14th issue.  Lear Talent Guide members can login to update their information.

We are always looking for:  Principal Talent, Character and Youth Actors/Actresses, Stunt People, Models, Singers, Dancers, Specialty Acts and Extras.